NTS Camp | OS // 1-10 Students – License


NTS Camp | OS is everything there is to love about NTS Camp in digital form, so you can produce an NTS Camp experience off-site at your church. The package includes four sessions of familiar camp speakers, engaging worship, interactive games, and even stays true to the spirit of Team Comps!

Price Structure:

  • Early – $250 through May 28
  • Regular – $300 through June 26
  • Later – $330 after June 26


When you purchase this license you will receive all of the digital material necessary to host NTS Camp | OS in your location.*

The digital package will include:

  • Teaching from four of NTS Camp’s familiar speakers
    • Steve Carter, Nicole Smithee, Santes Beatty, and Derik Idol
  • Worship by Phil Joel from Zealand Worship and Newsboys United and Erik Bledsoe a singer/songwriter based in Nashville, TN
  • Stage games
  • Small group questions
  • Time Alone With God questions
  • Adult leader training by Jeff Eckart
  • Encouraging emails to your parents
  • Instructions for foot washing and communion
  • Opportunity to join a training webinar hosted by our NTS Camp team on how to execute this event and to answer questions
  • Team Comps
  • Suggested playlists for all elements
  • And more!

Purchases are non-refundable/non-transferable.

*Digital materials will be available after June 1st.


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