Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

Registering Online for NTS Camp | OS

How do I register?
Click here for student registration, enter your information and pay. Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email from NTS Camp.
Is online registration my only option?
Do I have to use a credit card?
Credit cards or debit cards are accepted.
Is the online payment process secure?
Absolutely.  NTS Camp uses a secure online credit card processor called Stripe which makes use of industry-standard security practices. NTS Camp does not store or transmit any of your secure information. All transactions are handled directly with the payment processing vendor.
How much is NTS Camp | OS?
NTS Camp | OS is $48 for students.  This includes a t-shirt, commemorative cloth wristband and sticker which will be mailed to your child at home.
What is the shipping and credit card processing fee?
This fee is for shipping items directly to your child and the processing fee is what it costs for Stripe to take your payment.
How do full scholarships work?
NTS Camp does not offer scholarships at this time.  Please check with your church. If your student is receiving a full scholarship, which means the church is paying completely for your student, only the church can make payments on the account. When your church creates a full scholarship for you, you will receive a code to enter in the payment section of the registration process.  You will still need to register your student but will enter the code instead of a payment method.
How can I pay on my child’s account if it is created as a full scholarship?
If your child’s account is created as a full scholarship, the system will not accept outside payment.  The church that created the full scholarship is the only one who can make a payment on your child’s account.
My child is doing fundraisers at church, how is that money applied?
Your church has been given instructions on how to apply fundraising money to a student’s account.  They will be able to make sure the money earned through church fundraisers is applied to your student’s account.
How long can I register before NTS Camp | OS?
There is no cut-off date for NTS Camp | OS.
If my child changes their mind, can we get a refund?
Since your child will receive merchandise upon registration, registration for NTS Camp | OS is non-refundable and non-transferable.  This is stated before you are asked to make your payment.

About NTS Camp | OS

What is NTS Camp | OS?
NTS Camp | OS is NTS Camp Off-Site.  Because of the effects of COVID-19, we are unable to physically gather at NTS Camp this year, so we created an NTS Camp experience for individual churches to do in the safety of their church when gatherings are allowed in their area. Participating churches receive a digital package of content and instructions for live fun that they will use to put on this event at their church.  The package contains the pillars of NTS Camp like teaching and group games and small group questions and even Team Comps.
Who will put on NTS Camp | OS?
Your church will receive a license to do NTS Camp | OS for your students at your church or the location your church desires.
Who is responsible for my child while they are at NTS Camp | OS?
Your church is solely responsible for your child while at NTS Camp | OS.
How do I know what Team Comps team my child is on?
Your church will have that information for you.
What time do I drop off and pick up?
Please contact your church for schedule details.
Who will be my child’s small group leader?

Please contact your church as each church provides their small group leaders and places students in small groups.

What if I have more questions?
If you have more questions about online registration or NTS Camp, please email [email protected].  If you have questions about details specific to your church such as small group leaders, phone policies, etc. please contact your church for those answers.