A Message from the NTS Camp Director

Your safety and the safety of your students is of the highest priority to us. When things began to shut down in March, we held on with hope that this might run its course before we would have to think about changing our summer plans. However, the effects of this pandemic have made it clear that we will not be able to meet together at NTS Camp this summer.

God quickly began to lead us to reimagine what NTS Camp could look like wherever you and your students are. NTS Camp desires for your students to still encounter God in a special and transformational way.

NTS Camp would not be what it is without you. We are committed to you and your students. We want to continue to come alongside you to provide your students with an excellent camp experience however you imagine it working in your setting. Elements that you have come to expect from NTS Camp have been reimagined to make them work for your Youth Group, in your location, and with your schedule through NTS Camp | OS.

NTS Camp Off Site will provide all the familiar and important pieces of NTS Camp and, using digital assets at your church, accomplish four gatherings. These gatherings will include worship, messages from camp speakers, group games and activities, small group discussion, personal devotional material, adult leader training, as well as, keeping the spirit of Team Comps alive. We don’t want the summer to go by without your students experiencing these moments and creating lasting memories with your group.

Arianna Eckart
NTS Camp Director