Frequently Asked Questions for Churches

What is NTS Camp | OS?
NTS Camp | OS is NTS Camp Off-Site.  Because of the effects of COVID-19, we are unable to physically gather this year, so we created a camp experience for individual churches to do in the safety of their church when gatherings are allowed in their area. Participating churches receive a digital package of content and instructions for live fun that they will use to put on this event at their church.  The package contains the pillars of NTS Camp like teaching, group games, small group questions and even Team Comps.
Can I be a part of NTS Camp | OS if our church has never attended NTS Camp?
Yes! We would love for you to be a part of NTS Camp | OS. We understand lots of camps across the country have cancelled and with our heart and focus on the local church, we want to offer NTS Camp | OS to churches everywhere.  Please complete the process of registering your church by clicking here and you will be contacted by NTS Camp. If you have any questions that have not been answered, please reach out to us at [email protected].
How do I sign my church up for NTS Camp | OS?
Fill out this form to register your church.  You will then receive a confirmation email with a link to purchase your license and receive your digital package of content.
What is included in NTS Camp | OS?
When your church purchases a license for NTS Camp | OS, you will receive the following:
  • New teaching from 4 familiar NTS Camp speakers
    • Steve Carter, Nicole Smithee, Santes Beatty, and Derik Idol
  • New worship by Phil Joel from Zealand Worship and Newsboys United
  • Session games
  • Small group questions
  • Time alone with God questions
  • Adult leader training by Jeff Eckart
  • Connection emails sent to your students’ parents
  • Instructions for foot washing and communion
  • Opportunities to join a training webinar hosted by our NTS Camp team on how to host this event and to answer questions
  • Team Comps
  • Suggested playlists for all elements
How much does NTS Camp | OS cost my church?
Our desire is to make NTS Camp | OS an affordable experience for every church. If you are a new church and did not receive an email regarding costs, please email us at [email protected] or click the below to use the Messenger chat and let us know your estimated number of students for NTS Camp | OS.
How much does NTS Camp | OS cost my students?
For your convenience, students will register online.  After you have registered your church, please send your parents to to register their students with your church. Student registration is $48 and includes a t-shirt, an NTS Camp | OS commemorative cloth wristband, and a sticker.  These items will be mailed to their homes.  Students can register up until the day of your event.  Also, please plan to have a computer available during registration/check-in for last minute registrations.  All payments will be non-refundable and non-transferable since merchandise will be mailed to them.
Are there scholarships available for NTS Camp | OS?
NTS Camp does not offer scholarships at this time.  But if you have scholarships to give out, you can create those on your admin dashboard.
Will refunds be available?

NTS Camp | OS is designed to be flexible with your schedule.  Every license purchase includes materials that can be used at any time, students that register receive merchandise and the opportunity to participate at some point with NTS Camp | OS so every purchase is non-refundable.

When is NTS Camp | OS?
Church registration is open now, and NTS Camp | OS resources will be available June 1. Due to different restrictions in different states, NTS Camp | OS can be used whenever your ministry is able to meet together again. NTS Camp | OS will be offered all summer and has no time limits on when the event should be held.
Can I combine with another church?
NTS Camp | OS was designed for the individual church assuming gathering size restrictions would be in affect this summer.  If churches want to combine and are allowed to, we would love that!  Each church must purchase their own license but can combine for the event.  Keep in mind, Team Comps time will need to be adjusted as they were created for one church as one team to compete for points.
What is Team Comps and how does it work this summer?
Team Comps (Team Competitions) is a major part of NTS Camp where groups of churches compete to be the Team Comps champion.  Your church will be a part of a global team color made up of churches from all over the country.  As your group works together to play games, complete challenges from the NTS Camp | OS Challenge Board, host your own Talent Show, and even give us an awesome Team Cheer, you will earn points for your team on a global scale.  Once all the points have been tallied one color will stand above the rest as the first ever NTS Camp | OS Team Comps Champion!  Returning churches will be on the same team you were on for NTS Camp 2019.  New churches will be notified upon registration what team you will join.
How does online registration help me?
Online registration frees you from collecting money for NTS Camp | OS.  It provides information on who is coming to your event and it gathers information for the NTS Gives Back check that you will receive at the completion of your event. To find out more about NTS Gives Back email [email protected].
Can I send NTS Camp a check for registrations?
We accept online registrations and payment online only.
How do my students register?
Just ask your students’ parents to go to, click on Register, then Student Registration, enter the information and pay.  Registration must be completed by a parent or legal guardian over the age of 18.
Can I, as the Youth Pastor, register all of my students?
No.  Parents need to electronically approve and sign the online waiver, therefore a parent or legal guardian 18 years or older must register their student. You may begin the process for a student that you would like to pay a full scholarship for, but the parent must finish the process.  (Online registration directions will be sent to you after your church registration is complete.)
Do my adult leaders register online?
Yes.  They will need to register online but not pay. Adults are free.
Can adult leaders buy a t-shirt online?
Yes!  We have an option for adult leaders to purchase a t-shirt online when they register.  The t-shirt will be mailed to their home.
How will I know who registers from my group?
You will receive an email every time a student registers, you will receive a weekly report and you will have 24/7 access to your admin dashboard to see all registrations.  (Admin dashboard directions will be sent to you after your church registration is complete.)
Is the online payment process secure and easy?
Absolutely.  NTS Camp uses a secure online credit card processor called Stripe which makes use of industry-standard security practices. NTS Camp does not store or transmit any of your secure information. All transactions are handled directly with the payment processing vendor.
Will there be online registration processing fees?
Yes, there is a $9 shipping and credit card processing fee automatically added.
How long can our students register online?
Online registration will be open through your event.  Also, please have a computer available at your event for parents to register their student at that time.
How long is each session?
We suggest you allow 2 hours per session and an extra 40-60 minutes for Club NTS.
What is the best time line for NTS Camp | OS?
We suggest: Friday night, Saturday afternoon, dinner, Saturday evening, Sunday morning attend church together with families, and then finish Sunday night Another suggestion: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings.


If you have any additional questions, please contact [email protected].