Jesus’s life was full of choices, one building off the other, all culminating in His death and resurrection. Jesus had to decide whether He was going to head down the road of obedience or the road of disobedience. When these options were laid out in front of Him, He chose the road of obedience, and there was no turning back. Every decision from that point on carried a lot of weight. Jesus endured it all.

Jesus is inviting us all on a journey with Him.

Every day you have a choice to make.

There is a right way and a wrong way.

What road will you choose?


At NTS Camp, we believe you shouldn't have to miss important moments with your students to plan or execute your camp experience. So, don't worry about creating schedules, filling dodgeballs, planning meals, or any other mundane task. When you come to NTS Camp you focus on your students.















Planning your own camp experience is draining.  Before loading the students up and leaving, you are exhausted.  When all the planning and preparation is off your plate, you have the opportunity to show up energized, ready to focus solely on your students.


When you are fully present with your students, you get to engage in the same moments as your students–playing games, eating meals, leading a small group, and experiencing life changing decisions. Being fully engaged during a week of camp is crucial for your youth ministry.


Your youth ministry team will be given tools to increase your effectiveness as leaders of students. Learn from seasoned ministry leaders, through intentional times of training and encouragement.  When you leave, you will be more equipped to leverage the camp momentum to further your ministry.

“I spent the first few years of ministry spending months planning and preparing for camp. By the time camp started, I was exhausted. The entire week of camp I found myself being tied up troubleshooting the problems at camp and the execution of the week. My students got very little of my time and attention. NTS Camp has a team of CAMP PROFESSIONALS that focus year-round on camp for me. I show up with my students to camp energized, with my only responsibility to invest in my students, and NTS even develops me and my adult volunteers.”

Derik Idol

Professor at LU and Director of the Center for Youth Ministry
Former Student Ministries Director at 12Stone Church


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*Dates and locations are subject to change

Indiana 1

June 13-17
Indiana Wesleyan University
Marion, Indiana

Indiana 2

June 20-24
Indiana Wesleyan University
Marion, Indiana


June 27-July 1
Oklahoma Wesleyan University
Bartlesville, Oklahoma

New York

July 10-14
Houghton College
Houghton, New York

South Carolina

July 17-21
Southern Wesleyan University
Central, South Carolina

Great Plains

July 25-29
Dordt University
Sioux Center, Iowa

What Do We Believe?

NTS Camp exists to see TRANSFORMATION in the lives of students, PREPARATION for youth ministries, and CONNECTION that synergizes youth ministries and their church.

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