A Message from the NTS Camp Director

Since NTS Camp was not able to meet in person this past summer, God quickly began to lead us to reimagine what NTS Camp could look like wherever you and your students are. NTS Camp desires for your students to still encounter God in a special and transformational way.

NTS Camp would not be what it is without you. We are committed to you and your students. We want to continue to come alongside you to provide your students with an excellent camp experience however you imagine it working in your setting. NTS Camp | Off Site is a perfect program for your Fall or Winter retreat.

NTS Camp | OS will provide all the familiar and important pieces of NTS Camp and, using digital assets at your church, accomplish four gatherings. These gatherings will include worship, messages from camp speakers, group games and activities, small group discussion, personal devotional material, adult leader training, as well as, keeping the spirit of Team Comps alive. We don’t want the year to go by without your students experiencing these moments and creating lasting memories with your group.














NTS Camp | OS exists to help you create an environment for God to work in the lives of your students, to allow you the freedom to minister without having to create an event, and to celebrate with you as your church doors open wide to reunite your students and welcome new students. Though we couldn't be together this summer, NTS Camp | OS unites us for an incredible moment in time where we get to see God do what only He can do in the lives of students in your ministry and across our nation.


NTS Camp | OS will feature four sessions taught by four familiar NTS Camp speakers.



NTS Camp | OS is privileged to offer amazing worship sets led by two awesome musicians Phil Joel of Zealand Worship and Newsboys United and Erik Bledsoe a singer/songwriter based in Nashville, TN.




Register your church to purchase a license and receive the NTS Camp | OS digital material.


Once your church is registered, students can register to attend NTS Camp | OS at your church.


Choose a date that works for you and your ministry, then host an incredible NTS Camp experience right at your church!



Email or Message us for pricing.

  • Four new teachings from familiar NTS Camp speakers
  • New worship sets by Phil Joel from Zealand Worship and Newsboys United and Erik Bledsoe a singer/songwriter based in Nashville, TN (These videos are available here for free)
  • Session games
  • Small group questions
  • Time alone with God questions
  • Adult leader training by Jeff Eckart
  • Connection emails sent to students' parents
  • Instructions for foot washing and communion
  • Training webinar hosted by NTS Camp
  • Team Comps
  • Suggested playlists for all elements
  • And more!


$48 per student

  • Access to your church's NTS Camp | OS event
  • NTS Camp | OS t-shirt included*
  • NTS Camp | OS commemorative cloth wristband include*
  • NTS Camp sticker*

*Mailed to your student


Investigate moments in Scripture where four people imagined God in a certain way but that perspective changed after a unique encounter with Him.  They were able to reimagine Him in an entirely new light for who He truly is in line with the truth of His character. God transformed their understanding and called them to live in truth. God takes our expectations of Him and allows us to reimagine so much more.

Session 1 | Jacob (Genesis 28:10-22)
Session 2 | Elijah (1 Kings 19:8-13)
Session 3 | Hannah (1 Samuel 1:10-20)
Session 4 | Jonah (Jonah 3:10-4:11)


At NTS Camp, we believe important moments between you and your students are a key part of success in your Youth Ministry. In this season of unknown, we don’t think you should have to worry about creating your own camp experience this summer, that's why we designed NTS Camp | OS. NTS Camp | OS allows you to host an NTS Camp experience and still give yourself the space to focus on your students.


Planning your own camp experience is draining.  It’s especially draining when you've had a long season of unprecedented Youth Ministry because of a pandemic.  When all the creative planning for camp is off your plate, you have the opportunity to show up energized, ready to focus on your students and your Student Ministry.


Most Youth Ministries have not been able to meet in person since March, NTS Camp | OS is a great opportunity to reunite and even reengage your students as you ease your way back into the important gathering piece of Ministry.


Your Youth Ministry team will be given tools to increase your effectiveness as leaders of students.  Learn from seasoned ministry leaders, through times of training and encouragement.  After this training, you will be more equipped to leverage the momentum to further your Ministry.

What Do We Believe?

NTS Camp exists to see TRANSFORMATION in the lives of students, PREPARATION for youth ministries, and CONNECTION that synergizes youth ministries and their church.

Want To Know More About NTS Camp?

Whether you're new to NTS Camp or just looking for more information, check out this page for the camp schedule and all the other info you need.

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